Friday, December 7, 2012

Snow Chaos in Stockholm - Not Here :-)

While we sip our first cup of Joe in the mornings we usually check up on our friends over in Sweden.

I admit that I still feel like I /We have one foot over there......

Here in California the citrus fruit is ready for harvest.. lemons, oranges and limes along with persimmons.  Trees loaded and naturally decorated for the Holiday ahead!

Yes snow is nice.  Yes snow makes the otherwise dark country side light.  And yes Ralle would like a good roll in the snow right about now.

There are moments especially this time of the year when I might say that I miss it but for the most part... not so much.

All those CLOTHES!  Yikes.

The following is a pictorial of this mornings Ralle walk.

Not bad, if I might say so myself.

The only bad thing this morning was that it was a ZIP ( 0 ) golf ball day!

Came back to a cozy home.

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