Monday, November 5, 2012

Neighborhood Mail Boxes

Mail boxes have a personality of their own inspired by their owners.  Yes, mailboxes are slaves.

Don't you think it is an extra special day when someone sends you a personal note?

Even just a line or two..

I treasure those letters.  Emails are just not the same.  Not
as personal.

The mail box is really just the same old piece of tin
embedded in a monument of sorts.  Some are more
elaborate than others.

The mail boxes here are as colorful and varied as the houses.

You can have your feet washed on a rainy day
when you collect your mail at this box.

Some plain, some fun!

I wonder if junk mail appreciates the ornate accommodations that is provided for them.  Bills, do they care.  I wonder what the mail man thinks.  Maybe it makes his day more fun or maybe he just doesn't notice.

This simple beautiful box belongs to a house built in an Oriental style.  This box was specially made to exact

Does this mailbox know that it is in a fake brick or
stone edifice?  It would have been more dignified
if the mailbox was mounted on a regular 4x4.

This box could be mistaken for a bird house!
If the door would be left open would a bird
make a home of it?

My guess is the family that lives in the house "belonging"  to this "no box here" does not get much mail.
If it is not windy or rainy would the mail man leave the
mail on the platform?

Some are painted with birds or fish or flowers.  Others just plain.

Flip the red flag up is a signal to the mail man that you have mail to send!

The mailboxes for the townhouse might be called townhousemailboxes.

Here a mail box "the way it used to be" is on the front of the house.  The mail man walks from house to house delivering mail.  Someday that will go away just like the milkman front door deliveries.

Why not a giant golf ball mail box.  We live in a golfing community after all.

How about this stylish copper creation?  I wonder if the
bill for this was delivered in it?

Want some mail in your box.  Jut let me know. I will send you some...

 Does this mailbox give water?

Now here is a mailbox being held by a frog wearing golf clothes, leaning on a golf club, and smoking a
cigar.  Now that is a fancy mail container.

I wonder if the mail appreciates it.  But, maybe it puts a smile on the mailman.

Oh, by the way I should not say mailman, but mail person.  I think there are just as many women
delivering mail as there are men.

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