Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mister Cat's Birthday!

Today has been designated "Mister's Birthday" by "my people."   Everyone needs one!  It might not be the actual factual day but close enough.  For a cat I have sure lived an adventurous life.

I was born amongst all those big beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs at Kennel Vi'Skaly's and I pretty much think of myself as a dog.  After all I have spent my entire life, one whole year, with a Pyrenees.  Ralle and I are truly BEST BUDDIES!

I have lived in a mill in Sweden!

I started out with every one thinking that I was a She -- veterinarians included! Talk about confusion!  And those people are supposed to know what they are doing, college educated and all.

I have lived in a cottage in Mellbystrand!

I have spent a night in Frankfurt Germany at the Animal Airport Hotel after a flight from Copenhagen.
And, I flew ALL the way to San Francisco together with several dogs.

Lived with two whippets!  Buddie and Gemma!  Now talk about living "on the edge".

Now I live on a golf course.  Have bunches of golf balls to play with as those are found all around when Ralle gets to go on his walks.  Golf balls are especially fun on hardwood floors where  they both rattle and roll.

For breakfast today I got Albacore Tuna!  Ate the whole can I did!

Now it is time for a cat nap!  =^..^=   Dreaming of a new exiting year.. zzzz

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