Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Discoveries

While David and Maria are out bike riding to Tres Pinos and beyond

I will take the time to ready this "picture rain"

for launching!

There is no particular subject,

no particular theme,

just images that caught David's eye.

There was a bit of rain during the week.  The second rain since our arrival.  With it's accompanied rainbow.......

The trees were happy and we were too.

Our daily walks takes us past amazing scenery.

Past yards that are meticulously decorated.

Past the two eighteen hole golf courses.

The manicured grass.

Adorable Halloween decorations.

Flowering front yards.  This particular plant makes me think of Sweden since it is so prevalent there.

Sand traps......

a textured, weathered fence,

shadows dancing on a wall,

amazing statuary....... this girl in copper, with her doves ... truly beautiful even if she seems a bit ostentatious,  this  life sized figure by some ones front entrance ....

Back Home
Now Ralle is ready for a snooze. :-)  Mister Cat is waiting for breakfast ^..^


  1. Underbara bilder! Hoppas att det blir en resa inom inte allt för lång tid:)

  2. Åh jag blir helt tagen av alla dessa vackra kort, underbart !

    Kram !!