Monday, March 22, 2010

Signs of Spring - An Awakening

Photo Credit:  André Karwath aka  Aka

On this mornings walk Neta and I saw "snowdrops" peeking up through the fertile ground.  A wonderful sight to behold.  The snow on the ground is almost all gone.  The temperature is +7 degrees Celsius (44.6 F).  Almost shorts weather.

Sports cars, American classic cars (very popular here in Sweden), and motorcycles are beginning to appear on the roads freed from their winter captivity.  They, like everything else is coming to life.

The garden shops are filling with anxious customers eager to get started bringing their gardens to life.  Working in your garden out in the sun is big here.  Being out in the sun is big here.  The sun is not to be squandered.  The summer is the time for much activity and festivities.  There is truly an electricity in the air during this time.  Summer is the time to do everything under the Sun.  Soon you won't be able to see the sand for the people on the beach.

Having lived here now for over a year I can truly understand this sun worship.  I have become a sun-worshiper.  I appreciate experiencing  the distinct four seasons.  Life is Good.

Photo Credit:  Frugan

During Spring and Easter a very special delight is available at the bakeries.  The "Fat Tuesday Bun" or Semlor as this delicacy is also called.  It is hands down a very favorite of mine.   A sweet bread hollowed out to make room for almond paste and whipped cream, topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.  When we were small you could only find them in stores and bakeries on Tuesdays, and only during lent. Today they will pop up after Christmas and are being sold every day until Easter, as true capitalism prescribes. Sort of like starting the Christmas season in October, right after Halloween!

Over the years I have baked these goodies for family, friends and staff in an effort of sharing my traditions "over there". I did the same with Lucia buns/ Lussekatter before and around Christmas. Always fun to spread the good around.

We have been careful to not indulge in too many Semlor, this season!  Like Charlotte said, one needs to run fast past the bakery windows!  Soon the irresistible yummies will disappear for this "go around", a good thing for us to have the temptation gone. Then we will look forward to next year!    Until then we will most likely find something else to tempt us.  Such as this coming Thursday when it is Marie Bebadelsedag / Annunciation Lady Day.  This occasion warrants melt in your mouth extra crispy waffles with, what else, whipped cream and fresh berries or jam!


  1. Here in Mariposa we just finished our false spring. For the last several weeks the temperature has been in the high 60's and low 70' F. Dafodils everywhere and white and pink flowers on all the fruit trees just in time for March to go out like a lion. Rain today and snow tonight and tomorrow is predicted. Typical! Hope the weather clears by Easter Sunday as we are planning a Bar-BQ.