Friday, March 12, 2010

More Frustrations and Pleasant Surprises

As Agneta has said earlier calling a business on the phone does not often result in talking to a real person.  But, if we need to get information from a government agency, we have found that going there in person we can often see and talk to someone in the know.  They are very helpful and you can go up to their offices to get help.  In America you couldn't get past the front desk.  But, it is impossible to contact them on the phone.

A few days ago we went to different pet shop stores to get some goodies for Ralle.  We came across a store where the owner acknowledged our presence, greeted us,  and when we asked some questions he was very helpful, and even in our conversations he said that if we needed something from the store and he was closed he would open for us.  What a pleasant surprise.  Now that is Customer Service.  He had a very nice store.  And his employees in the store were also very nice.

Today the chimney sweeps came and cleaned and inspected our chimney in the storage room.  We are thinking of using it in our business venture.  That to come later.  The two guys who came did a wonderful job and were very customer oriented.  There is hope yet.  We immigrants will change things around in Sweden with regards to entrepreneurship and customer service.  Now there is a loaded word, Immigrants.  That word is loaded with emotions,  and negative connotations.  It brings a different picture to the minds of each person.  There are so many loaded words thru-out history and it is always changing.  George Carlin made a career as a comic with the different meanings of words and how they are used, not used,  and how and why they came to be.  Words are an insight into our societies,  People have to explain themselves often regarding these words and phrases as I am doing now.  We all do it.  Hopefully, if one keeps an open mind, and not take things too seriously, and actually listen to other people, we can get along and not get angry.  Boy, am I dreaming?

Before someone starts saying things like "If you don't like it here go back to where you came from."  I would like to state my position on Patriotism or Love of Country.  I am of Mexican decent and have lived there for about 8 years, I have lived in the USA for the better part of my life, and I now live in Sweden.  I have also travelled throughout Europe.  I was lucky to have been born and live in a non-third world country where the opportunities to make a good life for one's self existed.  I am very grateful for that.

Do I love Mexico, the USA, Europe, Sweden as a country? No.  Somehow love is not the right word.  Do I have a special allegiance to any country? No.  If the country that I am living in is attacked by another country then I will defend it as if it were my home.  Because it is my home.  I do appreciate each country for what it has given me in all aspects.  And in the end I can take the logic even further.  Any country or person that is wronged should be defended.  Each country like people have its positives and its negatives, rights and wrongs.  We live on the planet earth we are all humans deserving of respect and we are all different and speak different languages.  The more languages we all learn to speak the better we can communicate.  But all these differences sometimes/often become the basis of prejudice.  That is were I stand.  Wow that was a mouthful.

We/I are on a roll.


  1. “We/I are on a roll.”
    Right on, David!

  2. By the way, regarding the pictures of you and Neta in the bandshell: Did Ralle take them?

  3. if you dont love sweden, go away


  4. Right On, David! Couldn't have phrased it better myself.

  5. It happens!

    Finally the Newfoundland left the bulldog to bark for himself.

    Keep on barking, some day, maybe, you'll learn