Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Påsk

Easter is big here in Sweden.  Here is an article from the "The Local" http://www.thelocal.se/3525/20100401/  Beware the witches.

Ralle meets a new friend in Helsingborg.

Ralle looks out over the sea.

Easter celebrations start Thursday here and go on thru Monday.  Friday and Monday are Holidays.
Eggs are colored here and colored feathers are used to make colored leaves on trees and on branches.
Many households have these decorations outside and inside their homes.

We were invited to our neighbors on Sunday for a special dinner.  We had Boeuf Bourguigon.  It was fantastic.  And for dessert we had Vanilla ice cream with strawberries.  More fantastic.

We walked around Helsingborg and saw much of the Easter decorations the city has put out.  It was a very great Easter weekend.

We had friends drop by and visit and had a wonderful mussel lunch.

The weather keeps teasing us from sunny to cloudy to warm to cold and back again.

Happy Easter to all.

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