Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Got Milk? Oh Rats!

Ralle finds a New Friend

Well, we didn't have any milk last Thursday morning, so off to ICA we went........   early! (The only stores here, that open before lunch, (oh, I'm kidding,) are the grocery stores.) Most grocery stores are open by 8 AM, other stores including our nearby Vala Shopping Center opens at 10 AM. In any event, we picked up our milk, then went for a long fabulous walk, along the ocean between Hoganas and Molle. It was kind of a misty morning, yet so beautiful! There were ships being unloaded, swans swimming, geese flying and just a lot of life everywhere. We feel so lucky to be able to revel in all this! On our walk we passed by this ahwsome four wheeler motor scooter, even Ralle wanted to check it out.
On our way back through town we stopped by, what we have realized to be a very popular lunch place. It is not a place where you go to eat, just a place where you pick up a "to go" lunch. Every time we drive by, there are lot's of people there, so, we figure, it must be a Fab place! Having a desire to scope out what the lunch places around here offer, we went in to see what that place was all about and picked up one of the popular offerings. Cooked cod, boiled potatoes and cream sauce. Three peeled white potatoes with a sliver of steamed white cod, covered with white béchamel sauce. Not saying that is bad, but for us a bit bland and oh, the cream! We can't afford all that cream. I am not talking pocket book, I am talking waste line!

For dinner we had Fajitas marinated in Mojo with  Guacamole, a side of Black Beans with melted cheese and  crushed red pepper.

Then there was Friday! Cold still, but with a bright sunshine that simply insisted we spend some time outside. No, we could wait no longer! Fired up the grill. Called the neighbors. Cooked chicken, with home made BBQ sauce, made Cole Slaw and French Fries on the grill! Talk about taunting SPRING!!

When Charlotte and Lars arrived, they saw through the window that Kitty Bosse was mesmerized by something out on the stone foot ( stone wall), there was a mouse, a very BIG mouse ( not big enough to be a rat, thank God) sitting under our bird feeder! We better stop feeding Kitty Bosse cooked chicken, fresh herring and ground beef.............

or, do I need to call The Exterminator !!

So, what did you have for dinner? 

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