Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Training Day

Freddy ,our youngest, wants to ride his bike from Santa Monica to Chicago via Route 66. He wants me to join him. I said "why not". It will be an adventure of butt sore proportions. The ride is roughly 2400 miles (3,862 km). We plan on making the ride sometime in April/May of 2010. It will depend on Fred's job and family.

With reality setting in I realize that I need to do some saddle time. I haven't been on a bike since last summer. Not to mention losing some extra pounds.

I began my first day of training today for the big ride. It was -5 centigrade with 15 to 18 mph winds outside. As you can see in the pictures I bought the "Extra Wheel". I didn't hang the panniers yet. That's for later. During the ride I never felt that it was behind me. Later I will load the panniers and test ride it. The only thing that reminded me it was there was the yellow flag flapping in the wind. I think it will work fine. It's my body I am worried about.

I also set up the my road bike in the bedroom on the trainer for added spinning and butt conditioning. Now all I need is the determination and the will to train everyday. That's the tough nut to crack. Wish me luck. It's one of those, "It seemed like a good idea at the time".


  1. WOW! Get ready to look like Thunderthighs.

  2. Well look who I found while trying to find something to do one late night night at work!! Hey your guys letter got wet in delivery and the email address was readable. Email me, Looki like you guys are having a great time!! Brian