Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Chill

There is a chill on. Not much wind however, so walking the triangle at mid day was a very nice thing. Ralle seems to be getting over his fright mood at long last and hopefully the accompanying stomach upset is done and over. Cooked rice and ground cooked chicken is all he has been given today, he has not eaten much at all! Crossing our fingers ala the American way, along with holding our thumbs--- that is the Swedish way, we will hopefully have an accident free night! He is more UP, that is a good sign.

Tomorrow is the first "normal" day of the new year, whatever normal is. Monica and Richard (my older sister and her husband) will be celebrating their, I think, forty seventh anniversary? There are those NUMBERS again!!! The numbers just seem to be getting so big.....

Homemade Pizza for dinner, along with a green salad, a glass of red.........that is it.


  1. Your dinners sound so scrumptious. Mind if we just happen to drop by if we're in your neighborhood?

  2. a true "foodie nightmare" last night: guests who did not want to have anything to eat....woke up in a cold sweat!
    make a point of coming to the "hood" sometime, then I could cook!