Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Sounds like a Science Fiction Movie

New Year's dinner.

Living in a mill has it's visual advantages on a night such as New Years Eve. One can see for miles and the firework displays are amazing! It seems every little village, many individual homes, cities like Helsingborg, the town of Hoganas, not to forget hoards of individuals all along the coastline, shoot off various colorful pyro rockets. One more creative and awesome than the next, to many onlookers delight,but to most dogs horror! We here could look in comfort, warm and cozy, with a glass of bubbly in hand, 190 degree view, taking a break from watching Fleetwood Mac in concert. But poor Ralle!!! He was beside himself! Hid in the closet, trying to wedge himself onto one of the shelves with stacks of table cloths as comfortable companions, all while we tried to assure him that all was going to be o. k. In Mariposa we did not suffer from firework noises, but often from rolling thunder plus loads of lightening and Rontu would be equally frightened, trembling and drooling. To see these brave, proud giants become so distraught is sad, so obviously that put a bit of pallor on our evening. Imma, the little cute Chocolate Lab was visiting along with her owners, she kept bouncing like a rubber ball, was not bothered at all. Such a difference in the breed, used for hunting and with a seeming immunity towards gunshots. Our poor Ralle is still not back to "normal"! As he still has an upset stomach, our poor big polar bear of a dog. The tummy upset was not helped by the fact that he was given some potato/pork sausage in his kibble. Wrong timing for such delicacies!!!

The new years always start out with a big BANG for us in more ways than one. Garrison David, our grandson, was born January the first, now nineteen years ago. We had a nice conversation on the phone yesterday as he is at home for Christmas vacation, he filled us in about schoolwork and such, and yes, Gary was happy to be home for the holiday and was planning to see Sherlock Holmes with his family. Recommended we do the same. It is odd, we have not gone to the movies once, since we got here! Last year we were ALL together for Gary's big birthday, a party had been planned since he was born! The day we opened his "time capsule", that sure was fun!

Is it cold, you ask? Yep, it is! At the moment 17 degrees F. There actually is something oddly exhilirating about it. These severe differences are great, as you really appreciate coming indoors after a brisk walk with Ralle for example. Dressed right, it's really nice actually, as it makes your senses come alive, truly! What I find more annoying is the getting dressed and undressed part. It seems like it takes so looooooooong, putting on the sweater, buttoning the sweater, wrapping up in the scarf, putting on the hat, then there is the zipper challenge!!! And God knows, that zipper has a life and a will of it's own! Sometimes it works exactly as intended! ZIP!!! Other times..........oh, let's not talk about it!!

Dinner? Roast halibut, asparagus, red potato and leek ribbons. Mixed green salad with raspberry vinegar dressing a glass of white wine. Dessert? Popcorn and TV. Stjarnorna pa slottet AKA Stars in the castle, it should be entertaining! David can practice listening to ONLY swedish!

This mornings walk yielded us a field full of Canada Geese. Fabulous!

Some church pictures today.

Have a great New Year

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  1. We love the pictures of the churches. We remember visiting and/or passing by them in our wonderful excursions last summer.