Monday, January 25, 2010

"Big Night" Like the Movie

One can dream oneself away. So, I figured somewhere around Tuscany would be a nice place for a bit of imaginary travel. Asked our neighbors if they wanted to join us, along with a family that lives " kitty corner" from us, at the opposite corner of the field we walk around every day, to be exact. They accepted our invitation and I went to work on putting together a dinner with as an Italian flavor as I could dream up. So much fun for me!

The menu ended up as follows:

Gorgonzola Cream with sliced pears.
Prosciutto Crudo wrapped bread sticks.
Balsamic glazed chicken of my all time favorites......... and to sip, a glass of Prosecco for the ladies (a nice Italian bubbly wine) along with some nice beer for the guys and a shot of apple juice for Melker, our adorable little almost three year old guest!

Minestrone with crusty bread, olive oil to dip it in, and some Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.
Chianti to drink

Panna Cotta with fresh berries for dessert, along with a steaming, foaming cup of Cappuccino.

This was as fun to plan, as it was to prepare. David provided me with musical inspiration by providing music from an Italian music site on the computer, so I could chop, dice, slice and stir to my hearts content, while doing the Mambo Italiano! Oh, what pleasure!! He also ran around with the vacuum all know how grateful I was to not have to do that!

Our guests arrived, including Imma ,Ralle's best friend. They had a fun romp in the snow before dinner. Ralle "smiled" when Melker came. He enjoyed sticking close to the little one, occupying the red sofa in the kitchen, while the rest of us had to stand. Well, you know......priority! And then we had Imma playing puppy style with Ralle, her chest down, butt up, tail flying, while Bosse is trying to catch it! Her tail, that is! Entertaining! David and I had a very nice time, as it was for us, a truly pleasant evening.

Walking with David to work this morning along with Ralle it was almost 12 degrees C below zero, nice walk though. And I have to laugh when I think of Lars' suggestion for David, now that he is back in training mode. "David, you could ride your bike to work!!!!" Yes, he could and get there in 30 seconds!

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