Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last few days

The family owned business that I am employed by has been getting a lot of new orders for cooling machines. I have been working full time the last week and this may continue for some time. My work schedule had been three days a week. Since Neta and I are semi-retired it is nice to have some income coming in instead of it all going out. I do miss the three day work week though.

The work is very physical at times, climbing ladders to roof tops, carrying tools, etc. It keeps me in physical shape and that is good.

Neta went to her cousins 60th birthday party in Linköping on Thursday. It is about a 4 hour ride by train. She walked about a kilometer to her house from the train station. She had a wonderful time with family. I was working.

Today we went to a dog show in Åstorp about 20 minutes from our home. We have been contemplating getting another Great Pyrenees. But, we think that having the freedom from the obligation of taking care of a dog may be more important. It ties you down in many ways. We have had pets for much of our adult lives and we know how much love they give us. But at this stage in our lives we may want the freedom to travel to California to visit our kids and our grandkids. And to travel some in the rest of Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc. Well we haven't yet decided. We are pondering.

We had planned on running a bed and breakfast. But we wanted to take it easy for a time. We owned and ran a Feed store in Oakhurst, California for 15 years. We had a great time and it was all consuming. It is nice not having that resposibility. Neta now has time time to read. She has joined a book club with the local bookstore where for a nominal fee she can read as many new books as she wants for a year and end up keeping the last book. She has read 35 books since she got here. It has almost been a year. I have bicycled many roads here and have taken lots of photos of our travels here. We are in no hurry to start another business.

Life is good. There are many things to say about our adventure. Enough for now.

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