Sunday, September 20, 2009


Agneta and I moved to Sweden in October of 2008 from Mariposa, California USA. This is our first time writing a Blog and are new to this medium. We are not writers and don't pretend to be. We want to present our ideas and our feelings without worrying about proper structure and writing techniques.

Today we decided that we should put down in writing our experiences and our views of our decision to move to Sweden. We want to be able to express our ideas and our thoughts. This blog seems like a good beginning. We want to be able to express ourselves. We need to share our ideas and feelings and be able to in essence talk with others about our thoughts and our experiences.

We left the USA to live in Sweden because Agneta, who is Swedish, wanted to go home. She left when she was 16. She went to America by herself on her great adventure.

We have been here for almost a year and do not regret making the move. We do love it here.
We live in Skåne in southern Sweden. We live very near Helsingborg between Allerum and Mjöhult. Enough for today. It is a good beginning.


  1. Good luck with your blogg! // Annika

  2. Welcome to the Blog world, and great to hear from you!! In case you have not heard about it, Microsoft Live has an editor where you can add/edit your blogs, and then upload straight to yoru Blogspot page. I set up a blog for a co-worker, and this free software works great! You can see what it will look like before it ever gets shown! Here is a link to the download:
    I look forward to hearing more from you, and sorry I have not been in contact before now! I think warmly about you both often and am very happy you are LIVING YOUR DREAM! Love, Jana

  3. Thanks Jana. I am using a Mac. The free software you suggested is for PC only. It is good to hear from you.

    David and Neta