Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This morning we got up at 5Am as we do every day Monday thru Friday to go the gym from 6Am to 7AM. The morning was particularly beautiful. The sun just showing its rays, and a gentle calm with a slight wind that was beginning to increase its strength. It was just a nice feeling.

Work for me today was exciting as it usually is since I am in the learning stages of a new work profession. Refrigeration, cooling machines is what I work with. It is exciting. Today I was up on a roof of a commercial building directing a crane operator who was lifting one of five new cooling machines on to the roof. It began to rain. I was somewhat prepared for the rain, but I still got soaked. I don't mind it really. I am enjoying all that is new and different. On the way home today the work van I was driving suddenly quit. It felt like it just ran out of fuel. A light indicator on the dashboard was telling me that the fuel injection was at fault. I was able to coast to a safe place where my boss was able to call for a tow truck. All was taken care of and my bosses husband came to pick us up at the Mercedes dealer where the van was towed.

I work for a husband and wife team in the refrigeration business, who happen to be our neighbors as well as good friends. More on how this came to be later.

Fall is here, we can feel it slightly.

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  1. Greetings Neta and David~
    I will be launching a blog myself here pretty soon....right after Sierra Art Trails. Wish you could be here this year. I'm exhibiting at Hoof'N'Paw where I've muraled the entire waiting room.
    Neta~ Good luck on your cooking venture! I remember the meal you cooked for me and it was delicious! I'm sure you will win.
    Sending you much love from way too sunny (and hot) California.