Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Coyote Creek Bike Ride

Early Saturday morning

the photographer climbs out of bed,

hangs the bike rack on the car

while the cook prepares a sandwich for two.  Off he goes to meet up with Maria and a group of  her friends from work.

On the bike trail they pass by a model airplane airfield and stop to take a look at all the toys.

It was a nice ride.

Chris, Ericka, Maria, Kaitlyn, and Ryan

About four hours of sight seeing and  pedaling for a total of about 30 miles.

We had to make an emergency stop.

Having a break.  Watching some SERIOUS biking.

Maybe they will tackle the velodrome in Hellyer Park

next time?

Breaking Away.

These bikes have no brakes, one gear, and built for speed.  How fast?
Depends on the motor you put on it.

The photographer came home tired and happy!

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