Monday, March 31, 2014

Garbos' Group

Pleeeeease can't we go to the Dog Park?

...and we do!  Eva is watching while Garbo is chasing Nika.

Not much text required

as the pictures speak for themselves.

This is Cam.  One of Garbos' favorite play pals

She sure can GO!


There are days when Garbo even climbs this tree!

Here is Clutch, always "duded up" with loads of "bling"!

Who is coming now?

I am gonna get 'ya!

There are some friends who are very  "low to the ground".

Some who are very


Time for a break!  Getting ready..

for another

go around!

There are big dogs, some

very "official" dogs too,

and Cam

ready for another race

and then some down time.

Not a long down time
as you can see,
here we go
with yea,
another turn.
There is NO lack of a  social life  here.

A very TALL friend.

Loads of friendly folks

with their family members,

who come for the fun!

We play a lot,  then we go home.. thanks for today every one, we will be back.. soon.

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  1. Vilka underbara bilder! Tack för att vi fick följa med till "lekparken" :) Garbo är ett riktigt charmtroll!