Thursday, March 13, 2014

Amidst Giant Redwoods and Old Cedars

It was time for a little "vaycay" as they say these days!  The photographer have been chugging away at his job for a year and had earned some free time so plans were made for a road trip.
We needed a dog friendly place and Ripple Creek Cabins were recommended by Susan and Craig who take their pack there every year.

For some time, we have talked about taking Garbo to the snow, knowing she would love it. So, perfect! Up to the Trinity Alps we go.
We load up the car with food supplies and the dog. Having made arrangements for Mister to be taken care of by Maria (Thank God for Maria) and off we go!

We drove north in the rain!  About a six hour drive.  Stopping for lunch and potty breaks.
Arriving late afternoon, driving up some serpentine roads with beautiful, splendid views!
Ripple Creek Cabins!  Located right on a tributary to the Trinity River. What an adorable, quaint, and comfy place.  We were the only guests there at the beginning of our stay, had the entire little cabin village to ourselves.

It is rustic!  It is clean!  It is beautiful!  It is comfortable!  It is great!
We hiked!
We walked!
We drove to the top of Scott Mountain.
We played a bit in the snow!
We had a happy puppy!
We cooked!
We barbecued!
We enjoyed some wine!
We played cards.
We were Off the Grid! (sort of)
We had perfect weather!

While on top of the mountain at 5000 something feet, one could not help but think of those brave souls who came before us.  With their many children, in a covered wagon,  pulled by mules or horses.  Go West!  That is where the promised land was.  A place for new beginnings!  And so it is!  With all it's bumps, flaws and bruises...

We drove south, heading home, in the rain.
What a great time it was.  This visit reminding us of Mariposa in so many ways!
We hope to do it again.

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