Saturday, February 8, 2014

When The Pyr Pup Life Goes From Perfect To Pain

Yes, we have our days:-(

Days when one realizes that one forgets, from between one puppy to the next, how intense life becomes.  A bit like having small grand children visiting.

Days when I think, Oh My God.  What have I gotten us into.
Days when everything seems wrong.
Days when I look at the cream coloured carpet and see that it is more mud colour than cream.
Days when I look forward to our potted freesias to bloom any second, to find the pot upended, dug out,  with leaves and buds spread all over the court yard.
Days when we have been to the dog park, gone for multiple walks and she piddles on the cow hide anyway.

Days when Mister Kitty looks at me pleadingly and I can "read" his mind as he is wondering where the Ralle dog is?  Can't we have him back?

Days  (or nights) when I miss how I could take a bath and soak a while, read a chapter or two of my current book.  Without worrying about what she is "up to"?
Days remembering a floor NOT covered with shreds of cardboard boxes and flattened plastic water bottles and multiple headless and disheveled toys.
Days when I chide myself, knowing how wrong it is to compare this puppy with our last  dog. ( Just as I disliked it when the teachers compared my children, when they were going to school).

.... and then I have  a day like today.... look down at my feet and see that I am wearing one red sock and one blue... this is what happens when you dress in the dark to dash out the door, for that first five thirty.. six o'clock poop and pee.......  Both the photographer and I had to laugh!!  Quite stylish he said!

Guess we won't give her away today!
EVERY day, we LOVE our puppy!   The exuberance is infectious, the joy of life so obvious, so contagious!  She is SO HAPPY!  I do not want to wish any of it away.

This "Mom" is just having one of THOSE days, today!

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  1. Herregud så många såna dagar jag hade när vi hade valp! Skönt att höra att jag inte är ensam! Massor med kramar till er och djuren!