Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Super Bowl Tradition

Around 32 or so years ago our family's  annual football parties started.  My Alameda Cuz (he has always been a Saint, a more helpful kind and person is hard to find) came with his wife and then tiny baby Amy to spend Super Bowl Sunday with us.  That is the way it has been ever since.  The memory of startling Amy, who spent that first game in some ones arms or in her tiny little infant seat still vivid.  Her eyes would open wide as we were jumping up and down cheering, screaming and hollering .... I have no idea who was playing!

This annual get together has become a tradition  and a fast point for us all.  There were years when the photographer and I were unable to attend.  During the years we had Oakhurst Feed and Pet Supply for example.  Since the game started late on a Sunday and it was for us a 3 1/2 hour drive from Mariposa to the Bay Area there were years we did not go.  That of course also being true during our years living in that awesome wind mill in Scania the southern part of Sweden.  This year and last, we are back in the fold enjoying the gathering with all the family members that were able to show up.

Enjoying that amazing assortment of goodies, my cousins wife ALWAYS bringing her hollowed out french bread bowl filled with that most awesome Spinach Vegetable Dip.  I don't think it would be Super Bowl Sunday for any of us without it!  Who cares about the game?  Just bring on the Spinach Veggie Dip!

This year our Number One Grand Daughter arranged her own Super Bowl Party in Seattle, in her new apartment that she shares with her boyfriend.  Our Grand Daughter Number two, the future Chef,  toughed it out in Providence, without the Spinach Veggie Dip as far as I know, we did check in with both of them during the gathering via the amazing video calls..... man, this new technology is something else!?

Garbo lived through her first Super Bowl and did well.  She was an uplifting presence during the  dull one sided "bad" game.... we all had a great time sharing food and family.  Looking forward to next year already.

"Flat Elliott" was visiting at the Super Bowl Party too.  He was all dressed up, rooting for the Colorado team, to no avail....... Having him there made us remember "Flat Ryan" who went to Sweden AND the Philippines.  Later "Flat Linnea" who came to work at our feed store and had flat fish for dinner among other things.... "Flat Elliott" is going to check on the water conditions under the Oakland Bay Bridge this week.  He is getting around... hope he wears his life vest!

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