Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Roundabouts make a lot of Sense to Me

Hollister Landscape
A roundabout is a type of circular intersection at a road junction which allows traffic to flow continuously.

There are so many benefits to such an intersection versus the traditional 4 way stop sign or stop light intersections.  We have all experienced the annoying and sometimes frustrating experience of coming to an intersection and waiting for a green light to go forward or to make a left turn when there are no cars around or just one or two cars moving thru the intersection.  This type of intersection works very well with heavier traffic as well.  Roundabouts make a lot of sense by reducing traffic stress, saving fuel, saving wear and tear on the car, better for the environment, and reducing major car accidents at intersections.

I am convinced that if we had more of these roundabouts in our community we would wonder why we haven't had these roundabouts much earlier.

Here are two links about roundabouts that I think are interesting if you are interested in learning more.



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