Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ralle at the Antique Car Show

Right down the road  from where we  live,

you  find San Benito County Historical Society and the Historical Park.

They arrange a lot of various fun events throughout the year.

Sunday before last, we could see all sorts of old cars pass by our house.

As we were spending a lazy day, doing nothing...

we took Ralle for a drive

and had the pleasure of going to "gawk" at the cars in the park!

As David put it,  and true it is; "you are NEVER to old to be a kid", this group proved that!

We met a bunch of nice people who had such fun!  The cars so beautifully restored.

Like Alfred Hitchcock Ralle makes a cameo appearance.

Not a bad way

to spend a bit of time...

No pre - planning.

No charge!

Just loads of gorgeous cars, a couple of  dogs,

and  enthusiastic car owners, who were dressed to a T!!

Sandwiches and drinks being sold,

friendly chatter,

proud owners,

lot's of boys,

with their TOYS;-)

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