Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ralle's New "Hood"

It is with great pleasure we go off on our Ralle walks, something we naturally do every single morning after that first dose of coffee while Mister Cat guards our place.

There has been a tinge of autumn in the air.  Yesterday we could see Ralle's breath!  Soon there could be frost on those pumpkins in the early morning.

This post does not require many words.

Just wanted to  have you "tag along" on our walk

"sharing" our views with you, so to speak.

No matter what time of the day we take our gorgeous irresistible Ralle walking in our new neighborhood we meet lots of friendly people who often stop and ask if they can meet him?

There is something new to discover here everyday.  Different routs, different streets to take.  We have walked past homes with Norwegian, French and Italian flags as well as a house with a large Dala horse as a welcome sign!  It is fun making these discoveries.

Presently we pass homes with fall decorations galore........ pumpkins, gravestones, spiders and sculls.....  and Mother

Nature herself is dressing up!

Here you see

a few of Davids pictures

as we meander between the two golf courses

every day!

Today we had some rain. :-)

The trees are happy!

This little enclave, a community consisting of +1000 homes-

a mix of single family dwellings and clusters of Townhouses on and

around two golf courses one named Gabilan and the other Diablo named after the

mountain ranges on either side.......

We like it.  Ralle does too. :-)


  1. Wow that is some walk you have to go 0n... and the pictures are fabulous,.you certainly are leading an adventurous life.. Why did you come back from Sweden, bet that was a life and a half over there?... I have just come across your blog, and stopped to say hallo, you are interesting to read, and I want to read more.. I'll be back... as Arnie says!!! janzi

    1. What a great pleasure it is to receive your comments. Thank you! I am thrilled EVERY time someone takes the time and you are correct, few people do. Perhaps it is too complicated? Why did I / we leave Sweden? ..... now THAT is a loaded question. To be answered at some point I suppose. My BIG dream was to return home. The desire was there, lingering most of my life. Back I went with my husband who was willing to give life in a different country a whirl. How many people have a husband like that? Not listening to all the nay sayers who trumpeted NO " you can't go back" ... back I went..... perhaps they were right. .... it was a TRUE adventure however. There was much to LOVE and much to not like at all. But in the end I am truly grateful for the opportunity . Truly grateful that I tried. The longing has been quenched. Life is an adventure. YES!

  2. Det ser helt underbart ut, förstår att ni och Ralle trivs! Ha det bäst

  3. Tack snälla Du for kommentaren. Det är lika kul varje gång! Det är ju inte så "pjåkigt" där Ni bor heller med mycket mer varierande, mycket mer dramatiskt väder. Saknar det faktiskt. Men, on the upside slipper vi torka tassar så ofta :-)