Monday, May 21, 2012

Ralph Lauren aka Ralle a California Super Star

Ralle is now a Californian
Here we are, "California here we come — right back where we started from".  It has been an eventful week with much to be reintroduced to, much to relearn, new "temporary digs" and all.

Our trip went well.  We were worried to death about Ralle and Mister!  So the trip from Frankfurt to San Francisco seemed to take an eternity........ but with sweet instructions from a dear, kind friend and advisor, we envisioned both Ralle and Mister as wrapped in a blue soft blanket through the entire trip and by gosh it worked.  Our twosome seemed relatively unconcerned when we at long last picked them up in San Francisco.  (Big sigh of relief ......... thank you dear H........ it helped a lot :-)

The Moon from California
Now we have settled in a bit and obviously our daily and nightly walks with Ralle  and his new buddy Buddy have a different look to them.

Oh, these California hills!

Ralle and Buddy, the whippet, have become great friends.  Mister on the other hand, not so much. Since sight hounds are "made to chase" whatever moves, and is part of a whippets D&A we are taking their introduction one slow step at a time.  Mister who adores his best friend Ralle is totally unafraid of dogs, for good or for bad, so yes we take it slow.

We will see how it goes ... Rome was not built in a day as they say.

We just wanted to show a bit of our new surroundings, the new look of the "hood" we now walk in on our morning and evening outings.  As we pass Pampas Grass

new sown fields

or vultures waiting on a gate or soaring above our heads.  Oh so Western a landscape and look.

Business Park outside San Jose Airport
Ralle is adjusting to the warmer days and is already guarding his "new" house, horses and extended family.

Cascading water
While visiting San Jose the other day he, the Super Dog, was making friends both left and right.

 On the subject of Super Dogs we missed the famous and fabulous Puppy Gathering at Kennel Vi'Skaly's today!  We were there in heart and spirit however and know the lucky attendees had a great day with great food, great dogs, great hosts and great friends!

This is just a little update. It has been an eventful last few days ...... more later.

Now we will check out the solar eclipse, have a few tortilla chips with Chevy's Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa and a Mexican beer!

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  1. Yay! You're back! Welcome!

    The eclipse was strange enough, and we found that looking at your own shadow at its peak was even weirder (doubling of the shadow).