Friday, April 22, 2011

Glad Påsk Everyone / Happy Easter

Easter Feathers.  Everyone decorates with them.

What a day!  What a season!  Awakening!  Budding trees!  Bees!  Sun!

Soon these tables will be filled with sun worshipers.

David has discovered the reason he thinks, why the Swedes sit in their yards, or on steps in the city, or on benches in the park, with their faces turned into and upwards to the sun!  He thinks he understands.  Today he is doing that himself!  After all that bleak, grey, and dreary, here comes the glory!  More appreciated than anyone who does not live here will understand, David did not.  He does now!  When I mention this with wild winds and dreary days I do not do so to complain!  It is the way things are here, it is very different from San Jose or Mariposa.  Yet the variations here, all that DRAMA is pretty cool!  As mentioned many times earlier, it is never ever boring and the extremes are exciting and much more appreciated because of the variances, we like it!

Several  years ago Lotta and Robert came to visit us in California along with my Mother Elsa-Maja and still to this day we sort of chuckle at a question Lotta had, asking Leslie our daughter in law, and Kellie and Gary's Mom, "why we did not sit outside to eat?"  Leslie's reply was "because we can!", right off the cuff.  Guess she is right.  We sometimes had dinner or ate our lunch out on the deck in Mariposa yet we could have done so all year unless there was pouring rain, or it snowed.  It  snowed perhaps once or at the most three times a year with the snow rarely lasting longer than a week or two, or we had some  Mono wind storm going on.


Here  in the south of Sweden, on the other hand, we now realize that from our two year experience, six months of the year you definitely do not sit out on the deck to eat.  But we did today!!  The Robo- mower is mowing away today.  Sven is his name.  About four or five days ago the lawn was gray and sallow looking, today it is growing like crazy!!

Sven.  I was skeptical at first.  But he proved me wrong with his random logic.

Great walk in the forest today, where the spring flowers make it look like the snow is back!  The Wood Anemone or Vitsippa is so abundant that it literally looks like snowdrifts between the trees.  There are some sprinkles of Buttercups in between and the Lily of the Valley is going to be ready for "sniffing" next time we are there.

The grill is up and running.  We used it today for "Hurleys"........Aaaaaah and Ooooooh  only the initiated know what those are but man oh man was that a treat!

The "Hurley".  It is a new type of tasty named after a Blogger friend of mine.

So, with that we wish you a Happy Easter and David is sending you a "picture shower" / "bild regn" of Spring and Easter related photos for you to enjoy!  We had planned on sending Easter E cards from Jackie L., but those are getting all so "the same" so, enjoy some of David's beautiful pictures instead.

Ralle encouraging the bikers.
Happy Påsk and Glad Easter to you all!!


  1. I certainly hope you enjoyed your Hurleys from the grill. I am going to have to try one myself!

  2. Å vilket fint fönster!

    Nästa gång jag kommer ner till Challe och Lars skulle det vara så kul att ses, jag är så nyfiken på Möllan!