Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brighter Days and a Kick in the Pants

Plaza in Helsingborg early morning

Sheets drying in the wind, sun shining, and birds singing, a cat sleeping in a basket,  and the dog in the sun on the deck.  That is how a good day should be and look if I was to be asked.  We need a lot of those kinds of days.

Helsingborg store front

Now even if the temps have become a bit milder and are aiming up into the + 10 degree range the wind keeps whipping and bending the flag pole into frightening angles.  Ralle and I have opted to skip the "long" walk a couple of times these last few days simply because we don't want to fight the fury.  At the present time it would take more energy and effort than we possess.  Can't help but send some longing thoughts to balmy Hollister, and or San Jose! , or Santa Bar....... oh stop it!

Fishing shack in Hittarp by the Sea

Better go do something fun like prepare the shrimp for our evening meal.  On the menu tonight we have a dish with shrimp, leek, spinach and pasta cooked with a little white wine and cream add a few sprinkles of lemon zest.  Tasty I am sure of it.

Looking towards Viken by the sea from the Mill

Speaking of tasty.  I have made a batch of Mexican Chorizo according to Marias' trusty old recipe from Jeff Smith's "The Frugal Gourmet" cookbook.  It could have turned into a REAL Hot Sausage.  The recipe called for 1-oz. of re-hydrated Pasilla peppers.  I had soaked and made a paste of 3 oz. !!  Was ready to add the chile paste to the ground pork and ground beef mixture when I glanced at the recipe again...... ayayay !

Looking towards the Sea from the Mill

For all the members in our family when we think of Chorizo we think of the Foppianos'.  Roz would cook Chorizo and eggs with torn bits of tortilla in a big pan over our fire or camp stove!  Boy was that some good stuff.  We started preparing it at home as we really enjoyed this tasty dish.  When Maria was at the University of Davis and had some class in meat cutting she learned what this sausage is commonly made of, Salivary glands, lips, navels and such, well, we quit buying it!  Years later Maria found this recipe a much healthier version, without all those unmentionable body parts and we were all happy to once more be able to enjoy the taste of this distinct  tasting sausage in various dishes where Chorizo plays a role, but we especially like it with our scrambled eggs.  Maria provided us with this treat and she often would bring some to us when she would come to visit,  making David  happy as a clam.  Now here I am making it in Sweden!  Who would have thunk?

View towards Denmark from Viken

Want to make some Italian Sausage next.  Maria cannot understand why we can not find Italian Sausage here when we are so close to Italy?  Can it be that there are only 500 Italians living in Sweden?  Who knows.

View from Viken

Interesting to find that someone in Russia is looking at our blog. Wonder if the Russ Mill had spiked that interest and caused the viewer to peek at our blog.  Hmmmm....... Still see Russian viewer is viewing even long after the Russ Mill Chapter.  I like it already!!


Ralle has been "beautified" at Spa Vi'Skaly's.  The supposedly responsible owners were scolded as he has gained too much weight (just like the supposedly responsible owners) although that part, those owners were not mentioned.  We are really going to work hard on reducing all our girths, hopefully it will be an easier thing with weather more kind, perhaps we can go back to a regular walking schedule, and yes we're stapling those lips shut!  Gave me a "kick in the butt" a much needed kick! We need to knock off the cookies! Our Ralle is an elegant guy and to look elegant slim or slimmer is key, for  both ourselves  and he ........ yet , here I am talking about lips stitched shut at the same time as I talk about Italian Sausage and Chorizo, how much sense does that make?

Old railroad station in Höganäs.  Now City offices.

This very first Monday in April we walked to the Sonessons' and around the field in only a fleece jacket! No scarf, no Russian fur hat, no sweater underneath the jacket, no gloves!  Boy, it feels good to not have all that stuff on.  Perhaps I better not put the cart before the horse, I should say that I did not need to wear all that stuff today.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Before you put away all your winter garb, think what's happening with us here in the California foothills. Two days ago, we had the air conditioning in the car going. Yesterday, it snowed! Good thing we had put away plenty of firewood. Today it got just above freezing.

  2. Actually the comment attributed to Karla was mine. She's up in her studio playing the piano.