Friday, April 1, 2011

Couple of Weeks in Review

This is mainly a low down on the last couple of weeks told primarily in pictures.

Sonessons Kyl and I began work on a new cold room for the Helsingborgs Krematorium

The Crematorium is going through a lot of renovations and to enlarge its capacity.  It is an interesting job for me to be a part of.

The weather was ever changing.

Charlotte, Lars's wife, is helping as we install the condenser on the roof.

Lars is preparing some of the pipes for soldering.

Lars in the compressor room.

Some of the evaporator pipes we have installed.

The cold room being prepared by another company.

Lars and I then had to go do a service job in Helsingborg in an office building.

Helsingborg near Kärnan tower

Later I had to go and replace a filter and recharge a "Steam Roller" with refrigerant and make sure all was functioning to specs.

To me these machines will always be "Steam Rollers" from cartoon days.

Lars back in the office after a hard days work.

Charlotte going over a days scheduled job.

It is now Friday and in Sweden on this particular day of the year it is Waffle Day.  We are having our neighbors over for Swedish waffles.  I have also decided that everyone should wear hats and change them throughout the evening just for fun.  I supplied the hats.

Setting the table.

Lars being greeted by his buddy Ralle.

Agneta preparing the waffle batter.

Enjoying each others company.

Ready to eat and drink.

Oh, by the way John Zavala, can you spot your picture in the background?

We are having a great time.

Lars and Charlotte.  Swedish Mexicans?

Winding down.

On the weekend Neta and I took Ralle for a walk and enjoyed the sunny crisp weekend.

Going towards Mölle.

Krapperup Castle

Krapperup Castle Work Barn

Krapperup Castle Moat

Looking towards Kullaberg Mölle

Near Mjöhult

The following week we went back to the Crematorium to continue work.  Work was being done on the glass window high atop the dome at the Crematorium.  I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go up the scaffolding and take pictures.

It was an interesting climb

Following are some views from the top.

The Belfry Tower

An Angel above the smoke stack to carry you to Heaven

A moat surrounds the Crematorium

Repair work on the glass dome top

Evaporators in the cold room

The top of the dome from inside

As we left work this friday at the crematorium I took these pictures.  We will be back on Monday.  I feel a sort of reverence during my time here.  It is hard not to be affected by the funerals that happen during the day here.  I also met a priest here and during our conversation in my imperfect Swedish he said that he spoke better Spanish than English.  Well I began to speak Spanish with him.  He was very impressed to have found someone there with whom he could speak Spanish.  He had spent 8 years in Mexico and in Central America.

The Belfry tower

This weekend we will take some more outings and some more photos.  Sunday we take Ralle to his second mother for a grooming.  He is going to be beautified.

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