Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Snow

Today we had our first walk with Ralle in the snow. It has been a light dusting but it is always nice and beautiful.

I also got an email from a friend with a fun musical experience. Here is the link

Interesting read and don't forget to see the "Animusic" link.

Here is another interesting /fun link of a San Francisco Bay Area Zeppelin ride pictures.

And for a good laugh here is a movie clip of a skit from the Carol Burnett Show.

Some pictures of the neighborhood storks:

Bosse did not want to go out in the snow. He would rather check out the computer.


  1. I remember seeing that skit on the Burnett show and being made immobile by it, laughing so hard! It's one of the most brilliant comedy scenes ever.

    Looking at those storks in the snow makes me wonder—if there is too much bad weather to make their deliveries, do they leave the little human babies all over southern Sweden?

    Finally, the cat likes Mac computers. Smart cat.

  2. I am glad you got a good laugh. The Carol Burnett show was one of my favorites.

    The storks still make there deliveries. The babies do get a little chilly.

    Yes Bosse is a smart cat.

  3. Love seeing your pictures. We remember the storkes. Glad to see they are doing OK in all that cold and snow. We don't blame Bosse for not wanting to go out in the snow. We don't like it either. Our snow is all gone now.

    Definitely is the season for miracles and you have certainly had your share.

    Sure would be nice if our medical system here could clean up its act. Anytime we go to any doctor or dentist here you usually wait at least an hour before seeing the doctor. And then you are lucky to get 10 minutes with the doctor. It's like our time is worth nothing. The medical reform plan going thru congress will only make it worse.

    Merry Christmas!