Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crunchy Grass and Cold Storks

Booom, suddenly it became cold! The temperatures here have remained so warm, we forgot that winter is here. Or to be more correct, winter starts next week. Now we have minus temps as I suppose it should be, this time of year, walking the dogs, yes dogs, that frozen grass crunch was audible even in the middle of the day yesterday. Why two dogs? Charlotte called in the morning, asked if I could be Immas dog-walker for the day? So, naturally I walked her too a couple of times,while they were gone. So,there was a lot of walking yesterday--good for me and the dogs!

The week was filled with such exotic stuff as a dentist visit for David, check up...........an x-ray of my shoulder at the hospital in Angelholm. My former" heavy bag carrying shoulder" that started giving me fits. I was given acupuncture treatments for a period of time and boy that worked like magic for me! The Doctor did however want to see what actually was going on inside that joint, therefore the "picture". They really know how to do scheduling for such things here. Every appointment is on time! Never have I had to wait! It is amazing! We also had been called to go and get our flu shots, an equally easy date, we received both the swine flu as well as the seasonal flu shot free of charge. The same was true for my x-ray.
We had made plans to go to the church in Viken with our neighbors to take part in the Saint Lucia celebration, but as the evening progressed we fizzled out, stayed home and plunked down in front of the TV to watch Jeremiah Johnson instead. A different kind of bright spot!

Yet another miracle to report! See, we are just full of them!! My auntie Helmi's billfold, including her precious wedding rings, was returned to her a couple of days ago. A fireman came to her door with it. Telling her it had been found in the ambulance she was taken to the hospital in. Hurrah!!!!!

To those of you who have mentioned the fact that there never are any pictures of Bosse included, Here you go! A handsome hunk he is.

In closing I will note that the Storks in Ingelstrade look so cold! Three of them were huddling up on top of their chimney nest yesterday, on their long legs. They fascinate me!!!!!!

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