Monday, December 7, 2009

2nd of Advent and Brigadoon

The week that was, oh how quickly they go,was filled with David's first driving lesson "in Swedish", a dentist appointment, work of course, a visit to ViSkaLys kennel with Ralle to pick up dog food, a lovely birthday party at Sonesson's, where even Ralle was invited, ending with an extremely quiet Sunday when we lit candle number two!
Usually we only "grab" something for breakfast, a slice of toast, corn flakes or some granola. On either Saturday or Sunday we eat a "real" breakfast. So, after our hike around the field yesterday I cooked bacon, eggs, fried some potatoes and popped some nice baguette into the toaster. It is amazing how good such simple fare can be! How an egg can be elevated to such perfection when cooked gently in a little butter, slowly......with a lid on the pan. When the potatoes have the just right crunchy texture, orange juice fresh squeezed and the bread available to sop up the last dribble of perfect yoke. What about the bacon? Well to get the worlds best bacon one really need to go to Ireland! A close second is bacon from a meat market in Sierra Madre, an Amish bacon, thick sliced and meaty, perfectly smoked! There the Swedes have something to learn But we "take what we have" as the saying goes, and the bacon was "good enough", or as perfect as one can get it. We enjoyed our breakfast, no doubt!
It was an extremely quiet Sunday. We wondered why? David had to go to Vala Center to pick up ink for his printer. Had expected hordes and throngs but it was nearly empty. I went to ICA in Hognas and even though it was a Christmas Sunday Open Day for those blessed Christmas shoppers the town was dead. (Stores are otherwise not open on Sundays here, close very early on Saturdays, close for can be very annoying, but that is another story!

Charlotte who opened her lovely little shop for the second time- only on Sundays- did most likely not see much action.
A miracle?
David has a childhood friend by the name of Joe. At an early age he contracted polio rendering his legs weak and he has spent his life propelling himself with crutches. It never stopped him from participating in all the crazy and wild activities the guys in the gang of 5 did however. Camping, hunting even motorcycle riding. They would strap his feet to the pedals so he too could come along! Joe has been involved and working with the space Shuttle for thirty plus years. Recently he was informed of, that due to cost saving he would be let go! According to David, Joe was devastated and miserable, rightly so! During a phone conversation Joe spoke about what to do? In this day and age when there are no jobs to be found even for the most able among us! Well, it seems Joe's coworkers got wind of the situation! Started a protest! Voiced in unity, that Joe was an institution in himself, how could management even consider such an action????? It worked! Joe will stay in his job! Miracles do happen, even before Christmas!

The mist was dancing over the fields this morning, like elves veils as my Mother used to say. It felt just like Brigadoon. One could almost hear the bagpipes...........beautiful to say the least.

Some pictures of our travels and walks:


  1. We love the pictures! Ralle certainly is a beautiful dog.

    We had 6 inches of snow on Monday, Dec 7. Following the storm the temperature dropped to 15F on Monday night and again last night.
    A warmer storm is expected tomorrow which will hopefully wash away the snow so we can get our car in and out of the garage. With a daytime high temperature of 32F not much snow melted.

  2. Great to hear from you and a little news of our old stomping grounds. The weather here has been nice.