Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Venus version

While David is outside fortifying the fence in an effort to keep the beautiful beast on the inside of it, I wanted to just update a little. All is well in Ryssmollan! This morning I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes, after a cup of coffee Ralle and I went for a wonderful walk around the field. That is always such a nice way to start the day.
Our new addition is working out very well, life seems more right, more like the way it is supposed to be, with a dog. The only negative thing is that he does not like to be left alone. We have to work on that! Left him this afternoon to get materials to improve the fence, he was in the house, had knocked over a plant in one of the windows and piddled in the kitchen. Nothing major, but it will be nice when he can relax and realize we will return.
My incredible Auntie Helmi seems to be getting along well in her new senior living situation. We had a nice little chat this afternoon.
While I work in the yard, bake and or cook, read or go for long walks with the dog, David is either working or pondering the economic mess or in particular American politics. To me both those issues are equally messed up!
So while David tries to figure out how to change the world, I am watching the world close to me change. Just now all the sugar beets are being harvested and placed in mountain high piles in the fields nearby. Other fields have oat stubble still standing, to be plowed under in the spring before another crop of something else is planted. Yet another version of the nearby fields is winter wheat growing, nice tender green. I love the fact that it never looks the same two days in a row, the scenery always and forever changing! This being true throughout the year. Here in Sweden they have this cultural philosophy about walking and being outdoor, everything is easier, everything will be better if you go for a walk! The climate here is perhaps better suited for this age old activity, it is seldom too hot or too cold or too wet. And indeed it can bring you a new perspective, it can make you think more clearly and generally make you feel more invigorated. So, for me , walking around here also gives me a close and personal connection to what goes on close to me. This morning during our walk a flock of, I think swans, flew southwards above us, pretty awesome!
Maria was running a "mini marathon" in the Monterey area today! Go Mia Go!!
Freddy is pondering the purchase of a house in the south California area where he presently lives and is throwing in the towel regarding finding employment in Sweden. No one is biting no matter how many are involved in trying to find a good job for him
John is happy with his situation in Seattle, life is good there, C J has been invited to start at a local college a year early since she has such exceptional grades!
Ending my rambling here to do kitchen Goddess stuff! Cheese Ravioli with Toasted Walnuts and a nice Salad coming up!

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