Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lid recovery

It helps to live in a five story house, in this case old windmill, if you want to see for miles!
Yesterday started out like most grey days with drizzle and mist, giving my face a hydrating and skin plumping effect as we walked our way around the field Ralle and I.
David was off to Kavlinge, to install some sort of heat pump or air conditioner in this brand new police building there. Once there, he realized that he had in his pocket the only other existing set of keys, for Sonesson's main work van. Not a good start of their day! Considerable time, energy and money having to be spent on the key exchange.
As the day progressed I started hearing wind warnings on the radio! Not uncommon here in the "flat lands", I have to stop and think sometimes, when I go out, having to for example hang on to the car doors for dear life, in an effort to not have them fly off the hinges. After all, we live in a wind mill! Yes, if we had wings on this mill still, we would most likely have been able to generate enough electric power yesterday to light up the entire region! Or as someone put it last time we had similar weather, could have milled a lot of flour!
The wind got crazier as the day went by. We ended up skipping our walk around the two some kilometer triangle since we could hardly get the front door open! Don't think Ralle minded.
Trains stopped running, the bridge between Sweden and Denmark was closed, roofs flew,trees fell, car accidents occurred and David was happy to get home!
As David and Lars have this great relationship and much fun together, David after sitting here eating his pork chops sent Lars the following message. (Our house was at this point not creaking but absolutely groaning!) SMS
"Lars, I think the top of the mill just flew off! Can you check to see if it landed in your yard?"
"I saw it on the news! It is in Landskrona!!"
"We have a hitch on the Ford Fiesta, can I borrow your trailer? Wanna come??"
..............then we laughed until our stomachs hurt. What is greater than a sense of humor like that?

And along with all other flying things, our garbage cans lids flew away! I was lucky to recover the cans themselves actually, struggling to get them to a place where the wind would not pick them up again! On my trip out to pick up the newspaper this morning, in the dark, I found one lid, the other one, no place to be seen. Then as I was getting ready for my day, brushing my teeth to be exact, in the bathroom on the fourth floor, I spotted it through the window. There it was, out in the tall grass at the far end of our back back yard, having flown over hedges and fences! Lucky us, the lid was recovered.


  1. Always enjoy reading your blogs. Having been there makes it that much more enjoyable because we can picture what you are talking about. Hope you don't have many windy days like the one you discribed.
    Like David , Russ gets very frustated with the economy, health care, and politics. Times are really difficult for a lot of people here. The STIMULUS has done little to help the people only banks, insurance companies, GM, and Wall Street. Obama and his administration appear to be overwhelmed. It is turning out that many of his appointees to major positions in his administration were corporate executives and lobbyists. Just what he said he would not do. Health care reform is a fiasco. I am sure the rest of the world is dismayed by how little our goverment cars about it's citizens. Particularly the sick, seniors, disadvantaged and poor. The self procalimed greatest country in the world is a dog eat dog, every man for himself society. Success is measured in how much you can accumulate.

  2. I am glad that you are enjoying our blog. Neta has written the last two and I am really enjoying her style of writing. It is pleasant to read. I think she tells a story well.

  3. We don't get winds like that where we live, but at Florence Lake the wind turned a 30-foot all-steel boat upside down a few years ago. Around the foothills we depend on wind to supply us with fallen trees that we quickly convert to firewood. We're lucky that the horses don't get hid by flying branches!

  4. I mean "hit" by flying branches. The horses are rarely hid since we feed them too well.

  5. Tom, it is fun to know that you are "along" on our commentary.
    Wind here are not uncommon, surrounded by oceans as we are. Stopgaps such as Denmark don't do much!

    Admittedly I do not have much of a sense when it comes to numbers, so it is difficult to recall exactly when we had a really wild storm in Mariposa! perhaps ten or twelve years ago?

    On our property alone around twenty five trees fell, totally uprooted. Leaving craters large enough to bury entire cars in. So, like you mentioned, we had firewood for years. Even sold timber to Richard Brechbuehl. Mono winds they said.
    The little restaurant Ocean Sierra, had a big tree fall nearly cutting it in half, pine trees were laying jumbo mumbo across Triangle Road......pretty wild. I also recall thinking that we would be without electricity for days since the damage to the lines would be so extensive. To our great surprise we woke up at three A M the following morning as the lights turned on in our little house. The PG&E crews having worked around the clock. Impressive I thought.
    Remember? Perhaps you were up at Florence Lake and were not effected.
    Here it is windy often! Shopping in quaint little Hoganas, located right on the coast can be quite an exiting experience!

  6. We remember that wind storm here in Mariposa well! Quite a challenge to find your way around since most of the roads were blocked by fallen trees.