Monday, November 23, 2009

Julie & Julia & Agneta

My best friends daughter Anna sent me the book Julie & Julia for my birthday! What a hoot! I just finished it after several days of laughing out loud ! Laughing is good! As a critic I too think that that perhaps the language could have been less foul, but then, that is the way Julie expressed herself and for good or bad I think we are all becoming desensitized ! Bad language surrounds us.
Today "gosh" and "darn" just does not cut it! The book is so much fun to read. As a fellow "cooker" I can't wait for Thursday, we are having a cooking and feeding frenzy here at the mill, not French fare exactly, but gooey mashed potatoes, stuffing and ooooh, gravy! And other treats including apple crumb pie. Hoping not to mess anything up as these tiny little turkeys came at a price of + 70.00 dollars. Imagine that! No free turkey here no matter how much money you spend at the ICA store. Yes, turkeys , in plural. A turkey larger than five pounds is not to be found. No growth hormone here! So, to feed our guests, there had to be two. David is already dreaming of turkey sandwiches, my mouth waters just thinking of turkey soup. Haughte Cuisine alright!
In between now and then there is some Cranberry bread to be made, more shopping to do and vacuuming.........did I say how much I dislike vacuuming, haven't I done enough of that already?

Maria ran her Mini Marathon, was a STAR and finished in about half the time allowed.

Freddy is in escrow, holding his breath.

John is planning his family feast for Thursday and is actually going to eat the turkey meat.

Next on the reading list a book I already started, another birthday gift ( how lucky am I ) this one from our unbelievable neighbours, entitled : Jean Bernadotte The Man We Chose written by Herman Lindqvist
now that is a bird of a different feather...........a historical novel about Swedish history from 1700 on. How I love to read, so much to learn, history has always been a favorite subject, no wonder I hate vacuuming. It takes up too much time!

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  1. I see you still celebrate Thanksgiving even though you are now in Sweden. We are having a free range turkey with no antibiotics or growth homones we ordered from High Country Health Foods. A little expensive but worth it. We are celebrating with Janelle and her family this years. Raley's is also offering healthy turkeys this year. Even the unhealthy ones are not free this year. Have a great day Thursday with your friends and your wonderful food.