Monday, July 17, 2017

It's Been Too Long

After a long "dry spell" I need to record what's been going on around here, before it totally eludes me.

There was a wet winter that changed into a wet spring and the weather here continues to be strange. We kind of like it, especially Garbo who loves her morning walks in the cool misty mornings.
She is back to "normal" again, after being in "season".  A time during which she gets very introspective and distant.  It can be  hard, being a girl!

Garbo just finished her third session in "Nose Work" and we can proudly say she is getting pretty darn good at it!  Most importantly; she enjoys it a lot.  This last session, she was joined by her dog cousin Buddie.  He is a "natural" from the get go!  He would be able to get a job sniffing out sandwiches and other illegal contraband at the airport in no time.

Speaking of Buddie, we just finished a week of dog and horse sitting, at Maria's house.  She, along with the future Chef and the rest of the family, spent some time in Yellowstone National Park.  Our job was to let Buddie and Gemma out (opening the dog door) early in the mornings.  Then closing it at night.  Otherwise the two dogs would be out battling skunks and racoons.  Garbo likes being there too.  She gets to guard the ranch!  Smiles the entire time.  Unless it is time for a snooze.  We helped with chores such as watering their garden.  It is now producing loads of veggies!  While we were there we chomped on cherries and blackberries, beets and artichokes.  Nice!

Summer is here!  Yesterday was the first too warm day!  In the nineties!  Yikes!  Glad we have not had any of those up until now.  We escaped by going to the movies.  The plan was to see the new Planet Of The Apes film but while standing in line to purchase our tickets,  we realised that everyone was going to se that movie.  Opted out and we saw The Big Sick instead!  We and one other couple crammed into the theatre! :-)  It is a really good movie!  I recommend it highly.  We plan to see the Planet Of The Apes next weekend or maybe mid week instead.

So, all is well here!  Where we have had lot's of activities, lot's of guests, family and friends, dinners, lunches and dog walks, since last time we checked in here.  So  things are what we can call normal here.  With the exception that Garbo's best girlfriend Yuki has been on bed rest, due to a strained or pulled muscle, she has been missing those fun play dates.  Hopefully Yuki will be back in form soon,  so they can romp and play like "wildlings" again.  They both enjoy that, so much!

Till next time, hang in there!

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