Sunday, February 8, 2015

Not Much

Nope, it has been slow go here.  Days running into each other.  Days when my thoughts flutter hither and yon and I just can't seem to get going, can't focus.

There was a great Super Bowl gathering.  Not that either the photographer nor I care much about the game itself.  The get together however is always fabulous.  A "tradition" that started well over thirty some years ago.  A day filled  with good food, good laughter, family and friends.  Since our return from Sweden the party has been graciously hosted by the Mother of our oldest grandchild.  The person with the "sweetest" TV.   Boy oh Boy the food!  This hostess reminds me of our Auntie Siri.

There are so many fabulous dishes in that kitchen it is hard to know where to start and none of us know how to stop!

It would be something to photograph and write about I thought?  Then realised the photographer did not bring his camera!!  That NEVER happens!

So, in lack of party evidence you will have to settle for the regular photo fare...

A little of this

A little of that

And Garbo of course!

Now we wish for rain!
Beg for some rain!
Dance for rain!
Pray for rain!

A LOT of rain!

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