Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lacking Inspiration

What does one do?

Where.... oh where can I pick up a bag of MOTIVATION?
Why this sense of  BLAH?
The weather?
The general state of affairs in the world?

It does not look pretty.

Even the Oscars Show was a drag and a dud.
The food on the other hand was "top notch".  The future Chef's Dad sure knows how to use his BBQ grill.

It is  good that  the Photographer is out catching images of bright, fun and interesting things.

Another great and good thing is that we have Garbo in our life.  Speak of a BRIGHT spot.  Rally Classes to go to.  Time for a bit of training each day.  Long fabulous walks.  Dog park visits and play dates with Gem, Buddie, and Yuki.  Hurrah for friendship!

For now, let us simply enjoy a few images of the beautiful, happy, joyful Garbo, some of her friends plus some other fun stuff:-)

She  always fills our heart.  She can always make us smile.

Heeere she is.........  Vi'Skaly's Tropical Hurricane.  Much, much better known as Garbo.

Now out with February and in with March, a month already full of great expectations!

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  1. Åh, så där har matte också gjort - hoppat tandemhopp, men då fick inte jag följa med. Vi hundar mår nog bäst på fasta marken, tycker inte du det också Garbo?