Monday, September 15, 2014

Heavy Mist and Swirling Thoughts....

We head out the door really early this Sunday morning, as we do every  mornings.  Ten minutes before six we are already going past the Ridgemark Lodge..... in the dark!  A flashlight would have been good to have as the ocean mist is thick and heavy.  Usually the mist stays on the opposite side of the Diablo Mountain Range but this morning it had spilled over.  Garbo's coat and my hair gets damp from the fog, as we go on our way,  down Paullus Drive.

As we walk in the dark I think about the fact that Garbo gives me such a sense of  security!  Without Garbo, would I be out stomping around in the dark?  Hardly!

She is growing up our girl!  Developing a more mature look and sensibility about her.  We are learning a lot at dog class she and I with Tiffany as a positive instructor with much knowledge and patience.
This morning we meet a couple of dogs and their owners as we are about half way done with our close to two hour morning walk and towards the end as we are on our way back home we meet one of Garbo's favorite people!  She gets to snuggle and nuzzle.  Our friend gets her "Garbo fix" and off we go to start our day.  It is fun to think that even our dogs have favorites.

To our delight we see a post from Pernilla on Facebook today about Katia - Garbo's Mom-she won yet another prestigious prize in Eslöv's International Dog Show!  3,500 dogs were competing!  The Vi'Skaly's dogs are amazing!  As someone said:  "what a family"!

Today is the day the citizens in Sweden vote for a new government.  It is with bated breath I await the results..... Will those in the populous fearful of those different from themselves gain large numbers of votes?  It is too early to tell as I write this, Oh, how I hope not.

Sweden is a very progressive country!  People there have, for the most part, such a different outlook on how things should and could be.  Thinking in the collective rather than the "I".  Caring about Mother Earth with more fervor.  Working hard to change the equality gap.  May they continue to go forward...... Is it perfect there?  No.  But it is a fabulous place.  I am indeed proud to be swedish and yes, I voted too!

There is yet another fire burning in Oakhurst as I write this.  Reportedly an arsonist has now been caught, while families are fleeing from the fire!  Hoping fervently that old friends, Brian and his family, Penny Pie, our many ex-customers and everyone else, will be safe!

My mom on the left and Helmi "my other mom."

As we trot down the streets and pathways here, Garbo and I, my thoughts travel to Sweden and hover above and around my Moster Helmi .. (Mothers Sister - or Auntie.)  She will turn the 100 year mark the very 1 of October!  Feeling tired and weak these days, my cousins inform me.  I hold my breath! Imagining a time without her in my life.  Selfishly thinking of the loss of my "childhood" as she, my beloved Other Mother has forever been the link.  She has always been my "touchstone," my "rock," ever since I was a  very little girl.

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