Sunday, August 31, 2014

Out with August

a full month it was!

Filled with Birthdays.... lot's of Leo's in our midst!  Our oldest son in Seattle along with our oldest granddaughter, the photographer had his day as did Russ and Cathy in Mariposa... Magdalena and Lotta in Sweden and Malva turning a big 11!  Wooosh.....

A year ago we had that fun Hewlett Packard reunion here.  Just a few days ago we had the pleasure of having Nancy visit for an "overnighter," she is another Hewlett Packard person, A VERY important friend from days gone by!  How does that saying about friendship go?  Something about how great it is to have fun with friends, but best of all are the friends you have that you seldom see, yet nothing changes.  With any luck at all the quote will "float to the top" before I finish this.

Garbo has been to the Dog Park in Morgan Hill a few times this very busy month.  She also goes to see Cristina at Bel Amour Pet Spa and Boutique regularly!  Cristina is the best groomer in town!  Garbo comes home sweet smelling and tired.  It is exhausting having a bath you know!

Garbo also got to go on an adventure to Lepa Dog Doggy Day Care!  We have been searching for a GOOD place to leave her, if ever we need to go someplace, "dog-less".  Sue, the owner of Lepa Dog generally only likes to have small dogs stay there, yet she likes  Garbo.... well.  Who would not?  So  Garbo may stay there, anytime!

Sue told us a little story about another new client who came to see her the day before we were there. Sue had made mention of the fact that a Great Pyr by the name of Garbo was coming to visit and the new client said: "I know Garbo".  "No," said Sue, "I don't think so, Garbo lives in Hollister"..... as it turned out, the other new client knows Garbo from the dog park!  Small world?  Yes it IS a small world!

There was also  a Ladies Night in the "hood" one fun Friday night in August!  A few neighbour ladies have had me join them before and it is such a pleasure to attend.  I am delighted to be included in these evenings full of great food, great wine, great ladies and lot's of laughter!  Thank you, Cathy and Cathy, Irene, Patty and Sandy.  (plus a few  others) This is a great place to live.  It is good to  feel like you belong!

Saga made these sculptures of us.
Yes,  August has been a FULL and LOADED month, with Grand Kids and Birthdays, visitors and  parties, plus all the normal dog (and cat) activities, though Mister Kitty truly does NOT get his fair share.  No Cat Park to go to:-(

Maria very gently  talked me into going back to Dog Class!  So, for the next several Wednesday evenings we will go together for dog training.  She to agility and I to obedience!  We need to "fine tune" this puppy!

When Nancy was here, she suggested I teach Garbo some VERBAL commands!  Like what, I asked? Such as NO, she said!  So yea, guess I better get her " whipped" into shape!:-)
...oh yes, the quote: "True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's about being separated and nothing changes"  author unknown. I like that!

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