Sunday, January 12, 2014

Puppies and People

The geese are migrating.  Landing in huge flocks on the golf course near or on the many ponds. Wonder how well the golfers like that?
Getting Garbo through the "waste" can be a challenge.  There is nothing like an extra "snack" waiting right there on the road.  Yikes!

We often meet Gene and Barbara when we walk, a really sweet couple who live with a 12 year old Saint Bernard by the name of Chloe'.  These two used to be very active in the dog show circuit and know a lot about dogs and the dog sport.  They are now in their late 80's, still walk their dog, always helpful and love to "talk dog"!

Garbo and I are going to Puppy School!  Garbo is the teachers pet!  Garbo can do tricks!

The instructors teach with such flair and ease, making the exercises seem so easy.. then

when it is my turn, oh well.  It is not quite the same!

When we get back home to practice on our own I can hardly remember what and how to do the various aspects, but we have a good time trying.

Garbo a very willing student and practicing at home, well,  let me say the environment is a lot more pleasant.

After working hard it is time to play!

there is no lack of fun stuff to demolish.

Or try to "kill"!

Please let us not even talk about what happened to Santa !!

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  1. Gässen skiter ner nåt alldeles förskräckligt.
    Vilken gullig hundvalp du fått!