Monday, January 27, 2014

Paula's Perfect Puppy Present.

She is a privileged "child," our Garbo!
A couple of weeks ago, the Mail Lady rang the gate bell and left her, her very OWN package.  It came from Paula.  Our very special Paula!
In the box there were many pink presents.
Pink tissue paper.
Pink stuffed animals.
Pink card.

There were blankets to snuggle on or in, sewn on Paula's Mothers 100 year old sewing machine!
There were Chicken and Brown Rice training treats.  Perfect for when Garbo is practicing her sits and downs.
And then there was the ACTUAL BOX!

That too, that box, was so much fun!
OO ooh yea!
Thank you Paula!  Garbo is extra happy!  Garbo loves you, we do too.

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