Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ralle has Gone To The Dogs!

It has been A Dogs Life or should we say we have all gone Dog Gone Crazy!  Guess to be totally correct it is all of that.
First weekend here we went to the agility trials at Casa de Fruta.
Then there was the Rib Fest.....Weekend after that takes us to the Hollister Dog Days.  An annual event promoting responsible pet ownership.  There were booths where all sorts of information could be found.  Schutzhund demos, food galore,

Ralle is ready to take the "Canine Good Citizen Test".
lot's of people and dogs, dogs, dogs!  Both Ralle and Buddie tried out for the American Kennel Club "Good Canine Citizen Award" and naturally made it with flying colors.

There was heeling left, right, about turns, distracting situations such as a person and a bike, another dog,  a person with a walker , etc. Then a long down where we had to go and hide from our dogs for three minutes,  a recall among other things.  Fun!  Buddie and Ralle were STARS!

Ralle earned his Good Citizen Award.
Ralle got his button and is now waiting for a Diploma from the AKC.  Good dog Ralle and Buddie too.

Between the weekends there were some walks at some parks.

Taking Ralle to Christmas Tree Park is always a fun outing for him.

Then there was a week end for "The Wag and Walk"

Some of us (Buddie included) were off helping take care of the youngest grand kiddies down south near Los Angeles while their Mom was off on a Swedish visit.  But,

David, Maria and Ralle were in attendance for wagging and walking.  OK!  Perhaps Maria and David did not wag so much.....

Old Timers
Can say though that David was especially happy to check out some of the old trucks and farm equipment on display.

So, who knows? Maybe he too wagged a little!

Registering for our Canine Charity walk at Granite Rock Quarry.
The "Wag and Walk" is an event benefitting pet adoptions, spay and neuter clinics and  helping fund local pet shelters.

The attendance was good.  Dogs of every shape and size..... All right Ralle was the BIGGEST!

People walked, some ran with or without a pet companion.

Ralle, family, and good friends.

This fun group of people who came to walk with Ralle included one of Maria's favorite co workers.

Ralle enjoying the California Sun.

Cheering on at a Lure course race.
Yet another weekend we were off to the races!

A primarily sight hound event.

"Buddie", Ralle's buddy.
With Buddie trying Lure Coursing for the first time.  He LOVED it!

The surroundings were nice. Everyone had a great time.
Bixby Bridge in Big Sur.
So its true.  We have gone to the dogs.  In the "dog days of summer" oops, NO

The "dog days of summer" do not occur until the end of August or early September.  I stand corrected.  So there is a lot more DOG days coming up.


  1. Stort GRATTIS till er & finaste Ralle, korten är underbara som vanligt. Hoppas ni alla får en trevlig & skön sommar.
    Stor kram från Stina & Patrik
    Vovvarna Gösta, Drutten & Lilla Otto.

  2. Gud vad härligt, vad duktiga ni och Ralle är- GRATTIS! Och jag håller med Stina, bilderna är verkligen heeeelt fantastiska!

    Jag hoppas att vi får möjlighet att komma och hälsa på nån gång:)

    Stor sommarkram till er alla och ett extra grattis till Ralle!

  3. Thank You for the comments..... Vi blir lika glada varje gång!