Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tried to Catch the Sun

After a more than delightful and more than delicious dinner with friends.... Pasta with Crayfish-tails in a delectable sauce with fragrance of garlic, home made Pesto, wonderful cheese and fabulous red wine, all of this highlighted with great conversation............ This morning we're up and at it at the crack of dawn.

Up and out of bed, gulped a cup of joe, jumped into jeans.  Jacket on.  In to the car with dog and tripod. Down the road in the dark.  To wait for the sun to rise!  No sun appeared.  Too much soup.  Maybe next time.

Before returning home a walk in Viken by the sea, a visit to Conditori Öresund where tösabiten (the young dedicated owner) has baked her treasures.  Home ........ a cup of steaming tea and treats.

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