Monday, October 10, 2011

Bagel Bake

Funny, isn't it, how one thing leads to another........

Walking Ralle by the harbor in Jonstorp we are reminded by a sign that the Fish Stand on the wharf  in Arild is open between 10AM and 3PM.  Since it is Friday we decide fish for dinner would be super so off we go!  We get to the fish stand and it is closed.  The hours have been changed.  Now it's open from 3PM until 6Pm.  They just forgot to change the sign in Jonstorp!  So typical!  So annoying!  Oh well......  The Mölle Fish market is open!  A side of fresh salmon is ON SALE!  Whooot.....

Part of it goes into the freezer as future Salmon Steaks perfect for grilling.  Four fillets becomes Friday nights dinner.  Dressed up as Poached Salmon with Sparkling Wine Sauce and Rice with fresh Chives.  Delish, to speak like Rachel Ray!

The remaining and biggest part of the Salmon Side is prepared as "Gravlax" a raw cured spiced salmon. This particular day I cure it with salt, sugar, black cracked pepper, grated fresh ginger as well as some dry regular ginger.  Into the fridge it goes for 48 hours being turned over often.  Hard to wait to taste it!

But Oh No!  You just can not have salmon/lax/lox without cream cheese, onions and BAGELS!!!

There are no bagels in Sweden!  Or at least not in this region.  Nor must there be enough Jewish people living here demanding this exceptional  and special delicacy.  So I must remedy that by making my own....... What a process!  Make dough and let it rise for 2 hours.  Kneed!  Rest!  Shape into bagels.  Rise again.  Boil!  Bake for 25 minutes.  It took so long I missed the Autumn Concert at Brunnby church.  Darn it!

Can only say it was well worth the effort and yes an effort it was.  Wonderful chewy texture with taste of heaven.  Best bagel I ever tasted.  With sliced salmon, cream cheese and chives.  Can't wait to have some more.  Can't  wait to bake/make  some more.  Aaaah....

Maybe THAT is what I should do in our storage room?  Turn it into a Bagel Bakery?

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