Saturday, January 8, 2011

Near Blizzard Conditions

Woke up a few days ago to a small snow blizzard.  Ralle and I went for our morning walk.

Just outside our entrance. "Are you kidding Me"
"You want me to walk thru that?  Think about it."
"Forging ahead"
"Need I say more"
"Finally back home"
Well, now for my morning exercise.  Shoveling a little snow.


  1. Somehow I am not envious. The flag in the second picture—does it mark the location of the North Pole?

  2. Yikes, if Ralle does not know what to do how is Bosse faring? A

  3. Tom: The flag marks the location of a memorial to a Californian expedition of lost souls.

    Neta: Bosse went out and I saw him come back with a mouse. That cat is a true Nordic survivor.

    Just call me Dave the Explorer.