Saturday, January 1, 2011

Charles Lindbergh's Flight

 A friend of mine in Mariposa sent this very interesting film footage to me in an email.  Again, it takes some time to watch.  But, then again good things take some time.  Enjoy.

Win Perkins, a real estate appraiser who specializes in airport properties, has posted on his Web site a video he created of Charles Lindbergh's famous and risky take off in the Spirit of St. Louis . According to Perkins, this is unlike any other presentation of the take off footage. Perkins painstakingly assembled news footage from five different camera men who filmed Lindbergh's take off from Roosevelt Field, Long Island. He then mixed it with enhanced audio from the same newsreel sources.

A interesting video........ When you click on this address

You see the cockpit layout of Lindbergh's plane The Spirit of St. Louis with Part 3 in the window.

Don't click on it. Click instead on CONTACT and select Part 1. After viewing Part 1 click again on CONTACT, then select Part 2. Do the same for Part 3.

Remember to click on "Contact" after each clip before you select the next. 

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