Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

On this positively balmy morning it is only - 6 degrees C.  We have had our first slice of Griljerad Skinka, the traditional ham coated with a mixture of egg, mustard, and sprinkled with bread crumbs then roasted in a hot oven to get crispy.  In addition to the ham we had a slice of Gingerbread, baked from a recipe from the Silver Palate Cookbook.  "Had I but one penny in the world, thou shouldst have it for Gingerbread" -- Love's Labor's Lost, William Shakespeare.  Actually we had our first slice of ham last night when I took it out of the oven, that is the way it is supposed to be, said my sister Elisabeth, did I not remember?  No, I did not.  She also advised  as to how to prepare it.  Then the plan was, I must admit, to make a Christmas Ham a la Jamie Oliver.  A ham coated with Jerk Seasoning, including loads of Scotch Bonnet peppers and basted with marmalade, something especially tasty for the more south of the border taste buds, but darn it all, the food processor did not want to cooperate !!

So, this will be a day of feasting and otherwise slow and easy.  No, No Kalle Anka (Donald Duck) at three o'clock. Strange to think how that came to be a big deal and now a tradition here, some cartoon starved children must have been the beginning........

With that we think of all our dear ones in California who are surviving deluges of rain with the Los Angeles area under severe weather warnings, Mariposa doused with more than five inches of rain, Wawona ten!! Our loved ones in Seattle are not as bad off thank goodness and we are just a bit cold nosed when we go out, but warm both on the inside and while we are inside, cause it is toasty in here.  Merry Christmas to all of you who make our life special, you know who you are.  Thank You!

Oh' here comes LUTFISK !!!! Linnea where are you when I need you the most ?

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  1. Wonderful picture of you, Neta. A very merry Christmas to you and David from Karla and me.