Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to a Good Friend

Lars on top of Helsingborg
It is Lars Sonessons birthday today.  I would like to dedicate this blog to him.  His father started the family "Sonessons Kyl" AB business (refrigeration, heat pumps, cooling for ventilation systems) over 40 years ago in Helsingborg.  Lars, his brother, and mother all worked there.  Over the years they had up to 15 employees.

Lars' father was very innovative and self taught in the early years when he worked on ocean freighters as a member of the maintenance crew.  They built cooling machines to suit the customers needs.  They worked on small to large cooling systems.  They developed a reputation of the "go to" kyl company if you wanted it done right no matter what the system.

After Lars father and older brother died Lars's mom retired and Lars took over the family business together with his wife.  Lars continues the family tradition of hard, honest work.  To this day when no one else can fix a problem with a cooling system he is the "go to guy".  I am privileged to know him, work with him, and have him as a friend.

How did I come to know Lars?  When my wife and I moved to Sweden and bought our home Lars was our neighbor.  We were fortunate and so lucky to have him and his family living close to us.  Lars and his family helped and welcomed us to this new land of Sweden.  When he found out that I had knowledge of electronics and maintenance of electronic equipment he offered me a job in his business.  I am forever grateful to him for this.  He has taken me under his wing and taught me and continues to teach me the refrigeration business.  I have such a great teacher and friend in Lars.

It has sometimes been hard adjusting here in Sweden.  My wife and I are so grateful to the Sonessons for their support.

So please join me in Congratulating Lars on his birthday.

Grattis to Lars a hard working Blue Collar Worker with a great heart.

With Love

David and Agneta

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  1. Please wish Lars a happy birthday for us. We so much enjoyed our visit with he and his wife when we were there. We also enjoyed the little biography you provided. What a wonderful friend.

    Looks like winter finally arrived in Sweden. We are now on day 2 of a predicted 7 straight days of rain. Hope we don't find George's house in our back yard. We already have had almost 20 inches of rain and it isn't even winter yet.