Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November Family Gatherings and Political Chaos

Our granddaughter Kellie was married on the 5th of November.  We flew to Seattle rented a car and drove to Cle Elum where the wedding took place.  It was a grand time filled with celebration and reconnecting with family and friends.  There were also some family from Sweden that we were very happy to see.

We laughed, cried, exchanged stories, hugged, and danced.  We had great food and wine with people we love and care for.  It is a wonderful life.

November also gave us a new President Elect.  We are in a very unstable and scary time in our country.  This election period was filled with anger, hopelessness, great hope, arrogance, corruption, sadness, and a feeling that for a long time now we have all felt left behind and marginalised by the political and corporate establishment and corporate media of Washington DC.  Most people in politics and the media I think are good people who think they are doing the right thing.  But, they have been swimming in the same dirty and murky water for so long that they need to climb out, take a shower and step away and take a good honest look at what they are doing.

Some might say, "so what else is new"?  "This is the way it has always been."  The difference today is that so much ugliness is being tolerated and accepted to the point it is becoming almost normal.  To this I say be careful, watchful, and very aware of what is happening in our country.  The silver lining in all of this may be that we as a people will become more involved in standing up for our own well being and that some of the establishment will have climbed out of the murky water taken a shower and will see the light of day.  We are hopeful that in the end all will be good.

On a happier note we are preparing for Thanksgiving at our house with family.  It is always such a great time for us when our kids, grandchildren, and friends are gathered together for a feast.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  And, if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, have a happy time with your family and friends.

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