Sunday, July 19, 2015

Coming Home To Smell The Coffee

How we love these early morning walks, Garbo and I!  The Photographer and I have been taking turns going on that first morning expedition, it was my turn today.  The mornings have been shrouded in ocean fog lately.  Perfectly cool and a bit misty.  The absolutely right weather for Garbo!  The neighborhood is pretty quiet as we often leave around 6 in the morning, sometimes even earlier.  The three days a week when the Photographer goes to work, we take our walk later, after sending him on his way.  Those mornings are delightful in a very different way, since we then run into all sorts of neighbors, dogs, people out on they're morning constitutionals, many of whom we know by name.  Dog friends Garbo just adores meeting!  Well, I can safely say that Garbo has not  met many dogs nor persons that she does NOT like. Back home, opening the door inhaling the fragrance of fresh coffee brewing. Bliss!

As it was with her predecessor Vi'Skaly's Ralph Lauren, Ralle or Ralph,"a dear child has many names."  She like he is a magnet!  We have met so many people, enjoyed dinners, lunches and interesting conversations due to our dogs, who literally create these relationships.  If it was not for Garbo we would not know several of the persons we now consider dear friends.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a fabulous lunch in the "hood".  We were eight ladies all together being treated to great food and bubbles along with laughs and friendly chatter.  The women who attended, with the exception of one, were persons I have met many times on our walks with Garbo.  She, the "door opener!"

The days of the last couple of weeks have been filled with the normal mundane every day activities and some disappointing revelations, even some tragedies along with some delights! And dog classes in San Martin with our fabulous instructor Tiffanie Moyano.

The Photographer struck by the news of a favorite actor, rich and famous, who was stealing truckloads of water from a water main to use to irrigate  his avocado grove!  It is not fun to have those we admire turn out to be "bad guys".

Our Daughters in law both lost people very close to them recently.  Tragedy striking close to home! One a dear friend, the other a close family member!  Both rushing to their respective "home countries" for funerals.  Making us all think of the fragility of life.  Here today, gone tomorrow!

I created a computer mess by clicking on a site called "Famous Film Food Flops" and picked up some dreaded computer virus!  Thankfully the Photographer with his magic  managed to fixed it!  What on earth would I do without him?

My Best Friend who is home visiting in Sweden for the summer reports that she had her purse stolen while at breakfast at a Scandic Hotel in Stockholm stuffed with credit cards, cash, passport and all.  Reported the loss to the credit card companies, banks,  and the police. A couple of days later the police called. The purse was discovered at a nearby grocery store. The only things missing was the cash and a pair of sunglasses! An ANGEL on her shoulder,  I say!

As always there has been a fair amount of celebrations, much cooking and baking my favorite activity,  along with dog park visits and walks at Brigantino Park. Delightful time spent on each!

Lastly, while at the post office sending a baby gift to Sweden the clerk typing in our last name commented on the meaning of the name.  The clerk, also of Hispanic origin, jokingly asked if we were considering voting for "The Donald?"  Or if we thought we like he would be working on the WALL separating the USA from Mexico?  Such is life these days!  It is good to have a sense of humor!  It is good to be able to laugh at the follies....

Now I need another cup of that coffee!  It comes from Maryland.  A gift from the "future Chef."  The roasting company name is RISE UP, we need to DO some of that..., not just have it in our cup!

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