Saturday, May 16, 2015


Linnea is far right.

The parents of Linnea set out this morning driving across country to Providence, Rhode Island.  Linnea, our granddaughter, is graduating from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in culinary  arts and food science.

Big brother holding Linnea

For me it is impossible not to look back!

We, the photographer and I, will do our best to care for the dogs, the horse and the homestead in their  absence.  Wishing the entire time that we too could be there to witness the event.  However, we will follow the trip, and the special day in pictures and stories, texts and phone conversations.

Now contemplating, remembering and reflecting on a bright young life that seemingly just started "yesterday!"

For us, the old guard, time seems to pass with lightening speed.  A feeling most likely not shared with our third generation.

From the very moment this child was born there was a special sensibility about her.  A light!  A joy! A frilliness!  She revelled in pinks and purples from the get go, much to her a bit "tomboyish"  Mother's consternation!  She loved animals from the start!  Liking nothing more than horseback riding from the age of one!  Dogs, cats, calfs and goats, not forgetting feathered friends and of course people.

Now she is all grown up!

Ready to take on the world!

She is a "cowgirl", a mixologist, a barista, a world traveller, a great friend, a sister,  a cousin, a "foodie", an agility competitor,  she is talented,  beautiful, a girlfriend and a delight!

The world is her oyster!

Keep spreading that infectious smile! The world needs it!

Go get 'em Linnea!! Congratulations!

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  1. What a lovely and loving post, no wonder you are so proud, she is wonderful and clever and all the things you would want in a granddaughter, well done to her, you both and her own parents.. thank you for sharing, life can be absolutely wonderful at times can't it**!